Testimonials / Reviews

Reviews & Testimonials

"The Capri pants and gel are very popular among our clients that do body contouring treatments. It is an amazing way to reduce centimetres and to keep skin smooth and firm without much effort."

Endermologie Wellness Centre, Cape Town

"I just want to say we love the product we have a lot of good results with this product and we recommend it to everyone We absolutely love it!"

Ackermans Health & Beauty, Gauteng

"It is an excellent product.  I have been using the product daily for a year. My skin appears smoother and “tighter” and it continues to improve.  My silhouette has also improved over this time. I have used different products for cellulite and slimming over the years and nothing has worked as well as this product has.  I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for that extra help in improving their body’s appearance."

Alana Palmer, Gauteng

"I have & will continue to recommend this product to anybody who struggles with cellulite & wants to lose centimeters without the 'work'. In my first week I lost 14.50cm overall just by wearing my Capri & abdominal binder every evening after applying the gel. The garments are comfortable enough to sleep in. When you wear the garments, it feels like you are sweating, but when you take the garments off, there's no sticky residue or 'wetness'. Your skin is dry & soft.

The gel is much more than just a slimming gel. If you suffer from inflammation in your muscles, like I do with my lower back, the gel has great properties to relieve the pain caused by inflammation. Amazing products & highly recommended."

Danèlle Hefer, Gauteng

"For the last 20 years we have had incredible results with the Patricia Clarke Anti-Cellulite Body Contouring Firming Gel. We found that, in addition to slimming properties, the gel has detoxifying properties. We find this to be a highly effective and popular part of our programme."

Dr Hanli Rautenbach, Resident Homoeopath/Director, St Francis Health Centre Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

"I am very impressed with the efficient and speedy service I have received from Christelle, it is such a pleasure to do business with her. The product is amazing and my clients absolutely love it!"

Claire Pelser, Kwa-Zulu Natal

"My go to product and garment when I need to work on my cellulite and body contouring. Use the gel and garment with a good work out session at gym or home and see instant results, skin appears firmer and your legs just feel so much lighter. The gel also helps with that ugly bruises and heal quicker. You cannot go without Patricia Clarke."

Yolanda Knott, Gauteng

"We highly recommend the Patricia Clarke contouring gel. The combination of ingredients has an enzymatic impact on the tone of the skin immediately. My clients are overwhelmed by the immediate results. Five star product!"

Bryanston Firm Slimming Clinic, Gauteng

"I use Patricia Clarke’s cellulite gel – it really works – I’ve seen amazing results with this gel. Just remember that there aren’t any overnight cures for cellulite and it takes real dedication and hard work to get rid of cellulite.    This gel gets 10 out of 10 from me because it smells great and it works really well."

 Leana Henke, Cape Town

I have been a client of Patricia Clarke for many years. I have always received brilliant service from them. They are easy to get hold of, they always have stock and has accommodated me wherever they can. This while being friendly and courteous.

I have been using the Anti-Cellulite Body Contouring Firming Gel for as long as I can remember. I will not stop using it and I apply the gel daily. In my opinion it has definitely contained my cellulite and it has a firming component. I have tried other cellulite gels through the years and not one has come close to Patricia Clarke Anti-Cellulite Body Contouring Firming Gel. I will highly recommend  this product to anyone who wants to prevent cellulite, contain their cellulite, and feel firmer.

Marlet Tromp, Johannesburg

Patricia Clarke has been a firm favourite with my clients since 2000. They are very pleased with the results. I had my first wrap in 1996. I was impressed at the centimeter loss, got onto a maintenance program as at the time I was scuba diving and could see the difference. My clients asked about a cellulite treatment so I got trained and offered the product to my clients. It is still part of my daily maintenance routine, as are diet and exercise. 

Sharon Somerset, Johannesburg

I stock the Patricia Clarke Body Contouring gel in my clinic and I have just introduced the body wraps. My clients love the results 😍. Best cellulite and centimetre reduction solution 😊.

Candice Manthe , Refined Aesthetics Gauteng

I really enjoy using the Patricia Clarke products

What I enjoy most is the way the gel spreads, and the feeling of the gel on my skin, the absorption is really amazing and the results is so visible.

It’s All About You Beauty Salon, Randburg

The Patricia Clarke firming gel and body wraps are amazing.  My clients love it and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to lose centimeters while reducing the appearance of cellulite. This product works well with a healthy eating plan and exercise in order to lose those unwanted centimeters.

Subashnie Chetty, Johannesburg

As a seasoned aesthetician and clinic owner, I am always looking for the best quality, innovative & results driven products, containing the highest percentages of active ingredients in formulations at value for money price tags to offer to my clients. Other very important considerations in products are factors such as: animal cruelty free, no harmful ingredients, service levels, communication, stockist support and customer orientation – to name just a few. The Patricia Clarke brand thoroughly ticks all these boxes, all the time. Respecting the brand & proud stockist since 2012.

Nurinda Nel, Tsedeq naturalbeautyandskincare, Western Cape