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Patricia Clarke Contouring has been offering slimming solutions to salon and spa owners and the general public since 1990. Three decades of amazing centimeter loss. New shapes for old, this is possible with the Patricia Clarke Body Contouring Gel and our neoprene garment range as well as our Body Contouring wrap offered in salons and spas.

To lose centimeters in problem areas over a short period of time is a boost to anyone and with Patricia Clarke contouring gel you can achieve this. Following a sensible eating and exercise routine is not essential but will help accelerate and maintain achieved results.

Our garments for home care use have a  flattering design that provides moderate compression. The material is made from an outer layer of - Nylon; Inner - 1.5mm of Neoprene & Inner - Polyester with embedded Bio-Ceramic material. Flatlock seams for comfort, Cell phone pocket & High Waist design for excellent tummy coverage!

The technology behind these garments are unlike any  you’ve seen because they feature Bio-Ceramic technology. In the short of it, they reflect your body heat in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Bio-ceramics reflect thermal waves (heat) generated by the human body, which are called far infra rays (FIR). Additionally; bio ceramic material also generates FIR, increasing the heat waves penetrating one’s body. This absorbs any perspiration loss.
The garments are perfect for general exercise, HIIT, and cycling and running. The garments are also water compatible. Common benefits are softer & smoother skin, lessened joint discomfort, increased perspiration, reduced appearance of cellulite, lower risk of injury due to keeping muscles warm & gradual centimeter loss.